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Managing exam stress

Exams and stress come hand in hand. Of course young people are going to stress when they are told that the grades that they get at the end of August will dictate where they go in life. Whilst there are many options for those who don't get the results that they want, the overbearing weight […]
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Mental Health Awareness Week: let's tackle body image.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and the theme this year is body image. Mental health is an issue that one in four of us will suffer at any one time, and sadly is still surrounded my many misconceptions and stigma. This week aims to tackle this by raising awareness of what mental health […]
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What a year!!! Report of the last 12 months

There is only one word that I can use to summarise this year: successful. I would like to thank Anita as the Deputy, along with the rest of the cabinet for their support throughout the year. Without them this year would not have been as productive or have seen as many achievements as it has. […]
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