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Managing exam stress

Exams and stress come hand in hand. Of course young people are going to stress when they are told that the grades that they get at the end of August will dictate where they go in life. Whilst there are many options for those who don't get the results that they want, the overbearing weight […]
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Our MYP on BBC Radio Manchester

You read right! Our very own Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) was interviewed on BBC Radio Manchester. Last week Anita Okunde, student at Kingsway Park High School and former Deputy Member of Youth Parliament, was interviewed by BBC in Rochdale Town Hall to discuss her plans, aims, and targets for the future. Go ahead and […]
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Votes At 16!-Our Video to all MPs

We made a video to encourage MPs to come to the House of Commons on November 3rd  to discuss if 16-17-year-olds should have the right to vote.What do you think?For information visit here:https://www.byc.org.uk/campaigns/votes-at-16 Thanks to everyone who helped! Credits: Editing and photography: Mel Greenwood Featuring: Louis Tweedale Myiesha Amani Laila Kayani Farris Aslaam Elise Heap Dylan Langley Mel […]
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Affordable Transport ~ What we're working on

No one likes being sat around doing nothing, but sometimes its too far and too expensive to go to your friends. That's why over this next year, Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet are hoping to bring the price of transport down for young people. Not only will making transport affordable make it cheaper to get around, […]
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Newly Elected MYP & Deputy for Rochdale Borough with 11,000 Votes!

On Wednesday 15th February, the results of the democratic Member of UK Youth Parliament (MYP) Elections for the Rochdale Borough were anno0unced at Rochdale Town Hall.  Tabitha Rusden, the former MYP and Amelia Betham, the former Deputy MYP, handed the medals over to the new Deputy, Louis Tweedale, and the new MYP, Sarah Mahmood, both from […]
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Deputy Member of Youth Parliament 2017

Hi, I am Louis Tweedale, the new Deputy Member of Youth Parliament for Rochdale. I look forward to serving my term along side Sarah Mahmood, especially on mental health, something we both agreed on in our manifestos. We are both pupils at Hollingworth Academy. The main reason that I applied to be a candidate in the election is […]
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Rochdale MYP Debates in the House of Commons

On Friday 11th November Tabitha Rusden, the Member of UK Youth Parliament for the Borough of Rochdale, joined 275 other elected MYPs from across the UK to debate on the top issues recently voted by nearly 1 million young people in the national Make Your Mark consultation.  MYPs sat together with others from their region and […]
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  Hello, I am Amelia Betham, the Deputy Member of UK Youth Parliament for the Rochdale borough.  I work alongside Tabitha Rusden to represent the voices of young people across the borough.  I currently attend Falinge Park High School and would like to get to know you over my term in office.  If you would like […]
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