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Children's Champion Applications NOW OPEN!!!

Yes it is that time of year again when children aged 8-10 who live in Rochdale, Heywood, Middleton or Pennines (Milnrow, Littleborough, Wardle, Firgrove, Smallbridge, Smithybridge) can apply to be the next Children's Champion or deputy of Rochdale Borough! The Children's Champion represents the voice or all children across the borough and runs 3 campaigns […]
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Summer Report!

Intrigued what the Rochdale Borough Children's Council and Youth Cabinet have been up to over summer? Find out and have a read over the summer report below and see what we have coming up in Autumn!
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NEW Children's Champion Elected!

Across the borough, school children elected 10-year-old Erin Buckley from Littleborough as their new children's champion for 2019/2020 on Tuesday in Rochdale Town Hall. Children’s champions work with decision makers to make changes which will improve the lives of young people. This means the total amount of young people that voted in a variety of […]
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Children's Champion Candidates for the 2019 Elections!

So we now have 6 candidates through to the democratic elections for the Rochdale Borough Children's Champion...but how did they get there, what will they do and of course, who are they??? Well, this year Rochdale Youth Service had many applications forms after e-mails and applications were sent out to primary schools across the borough of […]
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Children's Council Campaign to Tackle Homelessness Across Rochdale Borough

One of the key campaigns on the manifesto of the newly elected Children's Champion, Millie Connor, for the borough of Rochdale is tackling homelessness across the borough.  The Children's Council are in full support of this and are working hard to try and support homeless people and homeless charities.  They have made a donation box located […]
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Children's Champion for Rochdale Borough

In July 2018, the new Children's Champion and Deputy were democratically elected after school across the Borough participated in the elections.  8579 children voted in the elections this year and Millie Connor, aged 10 from Holy Trinity Primary School was elected as the new Children's Champion for the Borough of Rochdale with 2244 votes and Isabelle […]
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Final Words from Former Children's Champion and Deputy!

The democratically elected Children's Champion for the borough of Rochdale 2016 - 17 was Hannah Nazir and the Deputy was Madeleine Bamford.  They, with the support of Rochdale Borough Children's Council, put together a manifesto with 3 campaign points and worked hard over their term of office to improve services and lives for local children.  […]
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Rochdale Borough Children's Champion Election 2017 Results!!!

On Tuesday 4th July, Hannah Nazir reached the end of her term of office and handed the medal over to the new democratically elected Children's Champion for the borough of Rochdale.  Madeleine Bamford, the deputy Children's Champion, also handed her position over.  After going through the process of applying for the position, being shortlisted by […]
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Children's Champion Elections 2017!

The Rochdale borough Children's Champion democratic elections are now taking place in primary schools across Rochdale, Heywood, Middleton and the Pennines!  After receiving 64 applications this year, the current Children's Champion (Hannah Nazir), Deputy (Madeleine Bamford) and members of the Children's Council had the challenge of shortlisting them down to 20 by reading all applications […]
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Rochdale Youth Voice Update

Want to know more about what the Member of UK Youth Parliament for the borough of Rochdale, Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet, Children's Council and Children in Care Council have been up to recently?  Take a look at our termly report from July to September 2016 to find out in more detail!  rys-youth-voice-termly-report-summer16
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Rochdale Borough Children's Council

Rochdale Borough Children's Council (RBCC) are working to make life better for children across the borough, whilst also having some great fun!  The Children's Champion and Deputy have some exciting events coming up including the opening of the Rochdale Literature and Ideas Festival, the switching on of the Christmas lights with the MYP, speaking at […]
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Youth Voice Structure

All the information about what these groups are involved in, how the have their voices heard and when they take place is listed below.  If you are interested in being involved in any of these, please feel free to contact Angela McCormack on 07527 385 759 or angela.mccormack@rochdale.gov.uk Youth Forums and School Councils: The Township Area and […]
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Newly Elected Childrens Champion

A big welcome on board to our newly elected Children's Champion and Deputy.  Hannah Nazir has been voted in as our new Children's Champion by children in primary schools across Rochdale Borough and Madeline Bamford as the Deputy. They were elected with 7,618 votes.  Hannah was elected with her 3 manifesto points which were: more […]
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It has been a pleasure to work with Zara and Stephanie for the past year and they have made such a positive impact to the Rochdale Borough. Zara was elected with 8,221 votes from primary school children across the Rochdale borough and her campaigns were: stop smoking, cleaner parks and have more youth clubs.  They […]
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