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Mental Health Charter

As you may know, this week is Children's Mental Health Week. The Youth Council plans to create a mental health charter for young people. Why? Well, we must learn to speak of any problems we may have with our mental health to gain help and a more diverse understanding of mental health issues. So, what […]
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ENRYP (European Network of Regional and local Youth Networks)

Elizabeth from the Rochdale and Pennines Youth Cabinet had had the privilege of going to Hungary, Romania and Brussels over the last few months to meet and work with young people from other European countries and work together to help make lives better for young people. They have been focusing on the Allyship project which […]
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London 2022!! :)

On the 3rd and 4th of November 2022, members of the boroughwide youth cabinets covering Rochdale and Pennines, Heywood and Middleton) went on a trip to London to support our MYPs (Members of UK Youth Parliament) Emilia and Henry as they participated in debates in the House of Commons with MYPs from across the UK. […]
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Winter Report!

Want to know what we, the youth cabinets, Members of UK Youth Parliament, representatives, Cared for Children Ambassadors, Children's Council and Children's Champion got up to from October to December? Take a look at how they had their voices heard right here:
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Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority

The Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority (GMYCA) meet every month discussing key topics that effect young people such as climate change and the environment, COVID recovery, health and well being (physical and mental), and Equity, Equality and Inclusion. The GMYCA gives young people the opportunity to have their voices heard and influence GMCA policy and […]
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ROCHDALE Borough Youth Councillor Representing UK Youth at Model European Parliament!

Georgia Jones has been a Youth Councillor for Rochdale Borough and a member of Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet at Rochdale Youth Service for around 14 months. Georgia is 17 years old and attends Rochdale Sixth Form College. She is also a POSH (Pinoeer of Sustainable Hope) representative for Rochdale borough and is passionate about campaigning […]
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