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Final words

Hello, I am writing my final words as Member of UK Youth Parliament for the Rochdale borough. It is in my greatest pleasure to be writing on here, but also a sad and emotional time at this stage to be saying my goodbye to you all. I have enjoyed every moment of being member of youth parliament and it has been an honour to represent young people in our borough. I have worked hard and fought for many issues in the local areas. Many young people will know me as the Rolce Royce girl or the 1.99 wrap from McDonalds,...

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Rochdale MYP Debates in the House of Commons

On Friday 11th November Tabitha Rusden, the Member of UK Youth Parliament for the Borough of Rochdale, joined 275 other elected MYPs from across the UK to debate on the top issues recently voted by nearly 1 million young people in the national Make Your Mark consultation.  MYPs sat together with others from their region and the photo above shows all the MYPs from across the North West of England.  The Right Honour John Bercow MP chaired the event as the Speaker of the House of Commons and allowed young people to have their say for and against each issue.  The...

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Make Your Mark is a national consultation  which all young people can participate in.  The ballot paper shows 10 issues which affect young people across the UK and young people tick which is the most important issue to them.  The top 5 voted issues are then debated on in House of Commons between MYPs from across the UK on Friday 11th November, before they vote which 2 should be the national campaigns for the next 12 months.  You can watch the debates live on BBC Parliament and online! It gets all young people, schools and colleges from across the UK involved. Quite often the...

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British Youth Council Annual Sitting

Tabitha Rusden, the Rochdale Borough MYP, attended the Annual Sitting with MYPs from across the UK from 22nd – 24th July at York University.  Tabitha was representing all young people from the Rochdale Borough and attended workshops to learn new skills about how to campaign and make life better for young people locally, regionally and nationally.  The MYPs also debated and voted and which motions to pass ready for the national consultation, Make Your Mark. The MYPs had guests speakers including the speaker of the House of Commons, Right Honour John Bercow MP, who supports young people having their voice...

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As Member of the UK Youth Parliament for the Borough of Rochdale, another campaign I have chosen is for cheaper transport.  I think prices are horrendous for young people and am aware that there are various opportunities for half fares but the question is: is it actually half price?  I am hoping to meet up with Rosso bus service to see what is available and also write a letter to Jake Berry the MP for Rossendale to see if we can come to an agreement between Lancashire and Greater Manchester Transport services.  RBYC members are also part of the Northern Powerhouse and the Greater Manchester Devolution and we as young people from across the North West are focusing on transport on a larger scale to try and make life easier, cheaper and more enjoyable for us as young people. Tweet Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Like this:Like...

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As Member of Youth Parliament one of my campaigns is to bring back work experience in all schools across the Rochdale Borough.  Many schools across the borough no longer provide the opportunity for work experience due to cuts and other priorities.  However, I believe we should all be given the opportunity to gain the experience that we need to pursue our profession in later life and help us choose which path to go down.  With the help of the skills team I have gathered information for each school across the borough to see who provides work experience, to what extent and...

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Hello, I am Tabitha Rusden, the Member of UK Youth Parliament for the borough of Rochdale.  I was elected in February with 10,376 votes from young people across the borough.  My 3 campaigns points I was elected on are: bringing back work experience, cheaper transport and living wage.  If you have any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us or come along to a youth cabinet meeting on a Thursday to have fun, eat biscuits and discuss local issues!  We work hard to make life better for you here in Rochdale and your say and input are always welcome....

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  Hello, I am Amelia Betham, the Deputy Member of UK Youth Parliament for the Rochdale borough.  I work alongside Tabitha Rusden to represent the voices of young people across the borough.  I currently attend Falinge Park High School and would like to get to know you over my term in office.  If you would like to get in touch and have your say on local issues, please complete the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.       Tweet Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on...

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