Yes it is that time of year again when children aged 8-10 who live in Rochdale, Heywood, Middleton or Pennines (Milnrow, Littleborough, Wardle, Firgrove, Smallbridge, Smithybridge) can apply to be the next Children’s Champion or deputy of Rochdale Borough! The Children’s Champion represents the voice or all children across the borough and runs 3 campaigns to help improve the lives and services for children locally. We need children with lots of energy, enthusiasm and time to get stuck in to their projects and make a positive difference!

Our current Children’s Champion, Grace, as been campaigning on therapy pets in schools, first aid and outdoor education. Grace has made good progress in these campaigns with the support of the children’s council and Hashim, they deputy Children’s Champion. Grace has attended meetings with head teachers and learned about therapy pets, how they are used, what benefit they bring and how more are needed. The children’s council have learned first aid and learned about Flat Stan and what is already delivered in schools. They have also had meetings about outdoor education and are working to encourage schools to do more classrooms outside, sign up for the Outdoor Classroom Day in May and make classrooms more like nature!

So, how do you apply to be the next Children’s Champion? All Primary schools across the borough have been sent all the information and you should be able to access this through your head teacher. You can also download the application form here: