So we now have 6 candidates through to the democratic elections for the Rochdale Borough Children’s Champion…but how did they get there, what will they do and of course, who are they???

Well, this year Rochdale Youth Service had many applications forms after e-mails and applications were sent out to primary schools across the borough of Rochdale and it has been one of the hardest years ever to shortlist the applications as they were all so good!  Members of the children’s council and youth cabinet met to look at the applications and they put 25 through to the interviews, the biggest number ever!  On the interview day, young people and staff observed all the applicants as they participated in team building activities and tasks, whilst a panel made up of the current deputy children’s champion, DMYP (Deputy Member of UK Youth Parliament) and youth cabinet member, listened to each candidate as they gave a presentation on who they are, why they would be a good children’s champion and what they would like to campaign on if elected.  After nearly 2 hours of discussion after the interviews, the 6 candidates were chosen to go through to the next stage – the democratic elections.  All those who did not become a candidate have been offered the opportunity of being a children’s councillor and still having their voices heard on the Children’s Council. 

For the elections, every primary school across the borough will be offered a voting pack with the ballot papers, video with the 1 minute speeches of all the candidates, ballot box and information pack to give all students the opportunity to have their say in the elections.  The schools will have 2 weeks to carry out the voting and after all the boxes are collected, the ballot count will take place and the results will be announced as the Children’s Champion Election Results Event on Tuesday 2nd July 2019. 

So meet the 6 candidates…

Erin Buckley, 10, from St Mary’s RC Primary School

Erin would like to campaign on:

  1. Reading – help all children find their favourite books.
  2. Have more indoor play at school break times.
  3. Therapy pets – help all children therapy pets at school.
Layla Mack, 9, from Bowlee Community School

Layla would like to campaign on:

  1. Stop littering.
  2. Homeless people – stop walking past and ignoring them and fundraise for them instead.
  3. Adoption – help children get a new home and better life.
Xandar Hall, 9, from Healey Primary School

Xander would like to campaign on:

  1. Accessibility – better routes for wheelchairs and pushchairs.
  2. A youth parade to celebrate differences.
  3. Safe spaces for young people to play outside.
Evan Sidell, 10, from St Mary’s RC Primary School

Evan would like to campaign on:

  1. Reminding children not to litter.
  2. Charity events organised by children.
  3. Have more youth clubs to help stop ASB (anti-social behaviour).
Alex Kellyevans, 10, from Harwood Park Primary

Alex’s 3 campaign points are:

1.Making getting fit more fun

2. Get everyone a buddy

3.  Make a calm room in every school

Ruhani Hussain, 10, from Shawclough Primary School

Ruhani would like to campaign on:

  1. Road safety outside school and make crossing places.
  2. Support schools in putting parking enforcements in place.
  3. Enabling young people to visit various religious buildings.

Soon the video which will be shared in schools will be available to watch so you can see who you would like to vote for.  Good luck to all the candidates in the elections!!!