The Children’s Champion welcome all members to the meeting along with the MYP who has visited them today!  Louis introduced himself and the deputy MYP.


Mollie has been poorly, but is thankfully better now!  They have been studying WW1 and WW2 at school over the last few weeks and Millie told the group great detail about what they did and learnt about it!  Awais told us about some study he’s been doing and fun with his big brother.


Members each had a balloon and a cocktail stick.  They had 1 minute and whoever had a balloon not popped by the end was a winner,  They had great fun chasing each other round and popping balloons, but at the end Angie told them that she didn’t mention popping and they could have stayed together as a team and being a winner as one.  This was to make them think about team work and communication with the work they do together.

MYP Update on RBYC

Louis told the group on his manifesto with RBYC and where they are up to with their campaigns.  They are currently working on mental health, work experience and open activities for young people.  He told them what progress they had made on these campaigns (see their minutes and posts for details).  He told them about the House of Commons trip last week and explained how the process works.  Louis explained the Mental Health Action Week they are planning in December and offered them the opportunity to be involve din line with their campaign on Happy Children.  They agreed that every day of week of action they will smile at all young people they see in the streets and will aim to give at least one compliment to someone every day.  They will also donate toys to the Christmas Toy Appeal at Number 1 Riverside.  AM will e-mail all primary schools to see if they will support this and encourage their pupils to do it.

Make Your Mark Results

Louis as MYP updated them on the top 5 issues across the UK and which ones they voted to campaign on over the next 12 months in the House of Commons last week.  The national issue is tackling knife crime and the England one is votes at 16.  He also informed them of the local results, which you can see the report for at:

MakeYourMark Results!

MYP Elections 2019

AM and MYP told the group how the process works and invited them to attend the interview evening to help decide which 6 applicants shortlisted will go through as candidates for the democratic elections.  AM will send an e-mail out with the details of this and they are keen to help choose who they will be working alongside over the next 12 months.


Happy and healthy children – all members have agreed to do the smiles and compliments on action week from 17th December this year.  Millie and Isobel will write a blog on the website to help raise awareness and encourage people to make each other happy.

Homelessness – they are contacting schools close to homeless shelters to encourage them to donate any left over food to help the homeless.  AM will research which schools are close to a homeless shelter to donate their food and send an e-mail out to them over the next few weeks.  AM also updated the group on her conversation with Claire Millett from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and how they are delighted that RBCC are supporting this campaign and have offered to send someone to the group to educate them and support them in this.  they were made aware of Andy Burnham, the Mayor of GM, donating 15% of his monthly wage to homeless people and agreed to do some fundraising in spring for this charity, and campaign called ‘a bed every night’.

Dog poo – AM to chase up the Environmental Health team about sending the pictures of where the new bins will be located.

Takeover Day

AM updated them on the invite from Chief Executive of RBC Steve Rumbelow about the homelessness campaign.  He cannot meet on National Takeover Day, but has offered to meet on 6th December and invite partner agencies in support of this.  The CC and DCC are invited and can attend the meeting.  AM to reply to Steve to confirm the meeting.

Christmas Outing

RBCC agreed they would like to go bowling and laser quest – AM will book and get consent forms out this week.


AM will publish the minutes on the website from now on and the YP can see their progress and updates.


None arisen

Next Meeting

The Christmas Outing – 15th December!