MYP welcomed members to the meeting.


Happy with the minutes of the last meeting and all actions have been completed.


Members had a quick catch up on what they have been up to over the last week.


Members had fun with a team building activity before the meeting started.

Youth Work Week

The youth service video will be released this week and YP will retweet it.  Also reminded of events this week and finalised the workshop and presentation they are delivering at the full service meeting.  They ran through the presentation and discussed how to release the MYP applications there.

Takeover Day

AM briefed the group on what it is and who has offered to host young people shadowing them on 23rd November. Members stated which staff members they were interested in shadowing and which fits best with their role in the youth cabinet.  AM to ask for authorised absence and finalise details with staff.

Interview Panel

Members interested in being on the panel for the commissioning groups completed the form and will confirmed authorised absence this week.

House of Commons

Louis explained the process on what is debated on Friday and how he hopes to speak in the debates, particularly mental health. He has prepared speeches for all debates. Other members will be watching him on BBC Parliament.

Action Week

Louis updated the group on where it was all up to for w/c 17th December for mental health. A few contacts need chasing up. Members will ask their schools and colleges to show the M6 performances that week. Touchstones will also be contacted to ask if they will show it, the libraries, other community centres.  AM to contact and ask them to be shown at youth service sessions. The next meeting will be used to plan the stalls for Friday Fusion visits and mindfulness sessions in youth groups. A certificate will also be designed for local councillors to sign in support of the mental health campaign.

Curriculum For Life

Updates were discussed about where they were up to and are arranging meetings with staff from various schools to get a say in what will be implemented in the next year or so.  Vivienne new will hep arrange the meetings and Amaan is planing to discuss it on Takeover Day.


Members happy with updates made and the forum started.  Pictures taken of members for the ‘meet the team’ page.

Remembrance Sunday

Anita will be reading the tribute and other members will be attending the service at Rochdale Town Hall.

Time ran out for the rest of the items on the agenda. The next meeting will take place on 13th November at 🕕. 🆖