Louis welcomed all members to the meeting and introduced the new ones.

Updates and Feedback

YP fed back on how youthforia went on Sunday, how much they enjoyed it, found the workshops useful, loved the climbing wall, found the presentation from Liverpool Youth Assembly helpful and will bear it in mind for GMYCA. They also spoke about a meeting with Nurture Psychology in preparation for the mental health action week.


The group played the human knot game to get the ball rolling and practice communication.

White Ribbon Blog

The young people published a blog on the website sharing their thoughts, opinions and ideas about domestic violence as part of the white ribbon campaign. For more information, read the post at:

White Ribbon Campaign Blog


Viviennce fed back about the meeting from last week and AM Brough the presentation for them to feed back on. Sam will also be attending the future meetings with Amaan and AM will email the minutes, presentations and agenda out to the group.

Woodcraft Video Pen Pal

Vivienne showed the group a video about it and explained where it comes from with the co-op and gave the option for the young people to sig up to get more information and get more involved.

Action Week

The group rehearsed what they are doing and discussed the sessions they will be visiting. Louis also fed back from Nurture Psychology. They have write a pledge and will design the board next Tuesday at Matthew moss youth centre.

Christmas Party 

AM explained the fine situation to the group and they agreed to go out for a meal in January at Cocos. They are also welcome to join the children’s council on 15th Dec.


None arisen.

Next Meeting

Tuesday 11th December,  17:00-20:00 at !at the Moss Youth Centre to design poster, board and finalise mental health session.