Louis welcomed all members to the meeting and went through the minutes of the last meeting.


Fariss got the job! Amaan told the group about his experience with cadets and Anita updated the group on the GMYCA Conference.


Sarah introduced herself from Touchstones and introduced Peterloo, explained the massacre in 1819 and the film about to be released. Sarah gave examples of resources and memorabilia which they have from the day and how they’ll show them at the exhibition. Sarah then explained how RBYC could create an artistic product which could demonstrate an issue which they are currently campaigning on, which could also be shown at the exhibition. They looked at the templates and will discuss designs for the jug and get the children’s council involved too. The exhibition starts on 18th May 2019 and runs until November, the anniversary being in August.

Northern Care Alliance

Angela informed the group about the groups and invited the young people to apply to be a governer and join the membership scheme,  giving them a link to the NHS with issues affecting young people.  The would get the Loop magazine, be invited to events,get research updates and feed into the planning for this. Angela explained the opportunities linking with career such as work experience, shadowing, volunteering, apprenticeships and so on. All young people very interested in joining the scheme and acknowledge it is good to put on their CV.

Youth Work Week

Louis introduced this for next week and told them what was coming up including the House of Commons, GMYCA elections, launching of MYP applications and the videos they will film for it this evening.  Members have been encouraged to share this on social media next week.

Make Your Mark

Louis shared the local, regional and national results. 6712 young people voted in Rochdale Borough,  30% of the youth population. The top issues voted locally were mental health, ending knife crime and equal pay for equal work. Over 1.1million young people voted nationally, with the top 5 issues to be debated in the House of Commons next week being knife crime, mental health, votes at 16, equal pay and homelessness. Rochdale MYP, Louis, will be debating these which can be watched on BBC parliament on Friday 9th November and the DMYP will be there to support him.

Curriculum For Life

Amaan gave out a sheet to each member with curriculum titles on and asked us to write what they want to be covered in education under each section. They fed these back and discussed where to go with this and accommodate for young people with SEND. He aims to meet with head teachers to take this further and is engaging with the Co-op pioneers to incorporate this into their work.


Members looked at the updates to their website: rochdaleyouthvoice.co.uk and are very happy overall with what has been done, much better to how it used to be.  The only thing they’re not sure on is the purple colour which they would prefer a more subtle shade.  More pages would also make it more eye catching.  They also think it would be good to have a ‘meet the team’ page with pictures and roles of each member.  They also suggested an online debate/forum page. AM will meet with the apprentice to put these together and add new members to input into it.


Anita fed back after the conference last week and the work they did on mental health and curriculum for life.  They shared resources which they may use in their week of action. Anita showed the picture of Angie on Lord Sugar’s apprentice panel choosing the winners with a fun wig on! AM updated them on the opportunity to become a chair for GMYCA and how to apply. New reps from Rochdale Borough will be elected Ted next week as part of youth work week.

Remembrance Sunday

Anita is up for coming and doing a reading, Louis will come if he’s available. Fariss would like to attend and AM will feed this back.

Week of Action

Louis went through the tasks and everyone fed back where things were up to.  Good progress made so far with support from M6, Nurture Psychology, communications team and the youth service are supporting them.   Waiting feed back from some contacts which will be chased up this week. Amaan fed back about the meeting with M6 and handed out the resources.  Members will contact schools and colleges to get their support and play the productions there.  AM to contact #Thrive. The Whisper in the Ear video will also be shared and played in colleges. A book written from a young person”s point of view about their parent with mental health issues will be brought next week for the YP to use. AM to chase up where the Rochdale Township Forum is up to.

Wear a White Ribbon

ReResources sent to members. 600 ribbons will be ordered and the blog written on the website.


FuFull workers meeting confirmed and the votes at 16 event shared with the group

Next meeting will take place on 6th November in the council chambers 18:00 – 20:00.