Welcome and Apologies

Louis welcomed the new members and shared numerous apologies sent.


Fariss updated us about his new job and leaving his current one. Members enjoyed the Remembrance parade.


AM gave members a balloon and tooth pick each and gave them 1 minute-whoever had a balloon not popped was a winner.  Members chased each other round and popped balloons. 3 won, but AM mentioned how she didn’t say they had to pop, so as a team they could have won as one group and not popped any.

Electoral Team

Graham gave an overview on the local electoral process, how the system works, how people can vote, costs, polling station locations, counters, media etc. Over 700 people are involved in the process.  They compared this to the MYP process and fed back how they do it. The YP were invited to the process to witness how they work.


AM shared the information about the group and quite a few members are interested in attending. Daily politics may also be filmed there. The agenda and minutes of the last meeting were also looked at.

House of Commons 

Louis briefed the group on how it went last week and what they discussed, who visited and how it went.  YP will be campaigning on votes at 16 and putting an end to knife crime. The group then discussed how they can act on these issues on a local level and mentioned meeting with the police about knife crime and consulting with groups across the Borough.


AM handed out the MYP application pack to those interested in applying this year. They also discussed the process and who would be involved. Members put themselves forward for the interview panel as well as applying. They also discussed about how to link more with the CiCC, young carers forum. YP are keen to enable as many YP as possible to vote, including NEETS, SEND, children in care, those who attend schools/colleges outside the Borough etc. Online voting will be open again and some schools will train YP to deliver assemblies, classes or other methods of voting themselves.


Louis explained what this was to new members and explained the request to tweak some of the funding on 1 of the applications. They granted the change and discussed applying for some money for a residential themselves in the next window. AM will feed back to the CiCC group about their request.

Takeover Day

The members were updates on where it was up to a d who was shadowing who. Amaan is keen to shadow Sandra to discuss the Curriculum for Life. Others are happy with who they are shadowing. Young carers are also participating and looking forward to gaining the experience.

Co-op Celebration Event

Louis read out the invite to the event and opened it up to the group.

Football Tournament

Louis informed the group about the event in memory of Yasin Khan & Kenny Farrar. They will get a team together and bring new members in, as well as spread the word to other groups.

Action Week

Group discussed where the plan was up to and which partner agencies have signed up to support them. They will continue following this up over the next week and spend the next meeting planning the session to deliver to youth groups.

Curriculum For Life 

Amaan explained what this is to the new members and they discussed where this campaign was up to. Currently awaiting a response about a meeting to take it further with the co-op and schools.

Christmas Party

Members discussed what they wanted to do for Christmas. They spoke about RBCC event and joining them or doing. This discussion is being continued on WhatsApp and feedback will be brought next week.


After Remembrance Sunday event, YP think they should also be given a reef to lay. AMto feed this back.