Welcome and Apologies

Quite a few apologies sent today as the meeting clashed with the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority meeting and the Literature Festival which Louis was opening as MYP.  Anita chaired the meeting today as DMYP in Louis’ absence.


Amaan has been busy with exams and got many votes from his school, Oulder Hill, in Make Your Mark.  Anita updated us on how it went at Kingsway Park High School too.  Fariss has been practicing for an interview he has coming up.

Make Your Mark

Anita announced the local results in the Make Your Mark consultation.  The most voted issue was mental health, second was putting an end to knife crime and the third was equal pay for equal work.  6185 YP across the borough voted in total.  An interesting discussion was had around YP with SEND to help them participate in the consultation and understand it better.  AM will feed this back to BYC.

Discussions took place on how to act locally on knife crime.  The group could liaise with the Co-op heritage project around safety and the national sustainability goals.  They will also ask peers what would make them feel safer.  This issue was mostly voted for in Middleton.  This led to a discussion on how YP in Middleton feel more part of Manchester, not Rochdale borough, and Heywood feels more like part of Bury.  YP think we should have an MYP for Middleton and Heywood, just like the adult MPs.  This would encourage them to participate more and look at their issues separately as well as together.

For the equal pay issue, it was suggested that local businesses were contacted and RBYC members speak to peers to find out exactly what they were expecting from it.  They discussed the issue and agreed it was a challenging one to tackle and may not have much impact on many jobs.  Members will feed back at the next meeting.  The 4th issue was tackling homelessness and the cabinet discussed contributing to the local food banks at their meetings and through their schools and liaising with the Children’s Council as this is a point on their manifesto.

Curriculum was also discussed and how to impact what is delivered in schools in partnership with the Co-op.  Another meeting will be arranged to discuss this further.  This can then be presented at the meeting to have their voices heard.


Young people looked at the agenda and finalised arrangements for the regional meeting in Preston on Saturday.  They’re looking forward to finding out the Make Your Mark results on a regional level.


The group have confirmed that the meetings will move to a Tuesday in the Council Chambers 18:00 – 20:00.  The next meeting will be on Tuesday 16th October.


The group discussed how they would elect new representatives and deputies over the next few weeks and ensure they attends the meetings and feed back to RBYC to enable them to take action locally on it. This will be taken further at the next meeting.

Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF)

RBYC members looked at an application form for the YOF which was submitted in time, but not picked up ready for the last meeting.  The group went through the application form and discussed whether it was eligible for funding to be granted.  The application was by a group of cared for children and the group have decided to grant all of the funding applied for.


Louis updated the group on the performance by M6 theatre around Mental Health and working in partnership with them on the action week just before the Christmas holidays.  The next meeting will focus more on planning this week.

Tongue, Tied and Twisted

Louis informed the group about the event which the group have kindly been given free tickets for in return for their contributions to the festival.  RBYC members took tickets and were interested in attending.


Full Service Meeting – the young people are happy to do the youth voice presentation to youth service staff at this meeting and get staff thinking about how young people have their voices head in this meeting.

Interview Panel – 4 YP needed for a commissioning panel in November.  Various agencies will be doing presentations to get the new contract.  YP interested put themselves forward and staff will now ask for authorised absence form school.