Following the election results on the 22nd of February, I am pleased to say that I am the new MYP for the Borough of Rochdale. It was a great year, and I feel that the competition was very strong. Well done to the candidates who took place this year: Myiesha, Eve, Anita, Bartek and Adam. I look forward to working along side the candidates and members of the Youth Cabinet, as well as my new deputy, Anita Okunde.

I would like to say thank you to all those who have supported me over the past 12 month in my role as deputy. Without the help of the youth workers, my parents and the MYP Sarah, the year could not be considered a success. The past 12 months have been extremely enjoyable and have taken me on a journey for Ambleside to London. I am so happy that I have another 12 months of days out, debates and action with the Youth Parliament. It is a wonderful experience that have left me enriched after just one short year. During this time I have made many new friends, built up my own skills and developed a new respect for the world round me.

Looking to the future, there is still more work to do. My manifesto is: mental health awareness and support, which will improve the lives of so many young people across the Borough; activities for young people, as there is very little to do in the real world for free (that is away from screens and computer games); and work experience and apprenticeships, as these provide skills that will set up a young person for life – yet not everyone is given this opportunity. To achieve my goals, I will draw upon my experience gained over the past 12 months as Deputy and the talent that surrounds me at every meeting. Through teamwork, anything is possible.