In July 2018, the new Children’s Champion and Deputy were democratically elected after school across the Borough participated in the elections.  8579 children voted in the elections this year and Millie Connor, aged 10 from Holy Trinity Primary School was elected as the new Children’s Champion for the Borough of Rochdale with 2244 votes and Isabelle Stott, aged 9 from Woodland Community Primary School, was elected as the deputy. The other candidates were Molly Judge, James Cawley, Soha Hussain and Alisha Khan and all did very well in the elections, leaving very close results!

The new manifesto for this year is to provide more bins for dog poo across the parks, help the homeless and ensure children are happy and healthy.  The Children’s Council will work on these campaigns over the next year and keep you updated on their progress.

Millie wants to consult with as many children as possible to get feedback and ideas for her campaigns.  Millie loves food and likes unicorns attends Girl Guiding.  She also enjoys drama and is very passionate about people living a safe, happy and healthy life, basic needs which many of us take for granted.