Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet met on Thursday 22nd June in the council chambers to make progress with their campaign points and help improve lives and services for young people across the borough.  See what was on the agenda for the meeting here: Rochdale Youth Council Meeting Agenda 22nd June 17

Here are the minutes following on fro the meeting.  If you have any questions or would like to be involved, please get in touch!

1 Welcome  
1.1 All members welcomed by the chair and MYP, Sarah Mahmood. AM and a few other members mentioned apologies sent. None
2 Updates  
2.1 Myiesha – now doing gymnastics!

Tehzib – will be doing some mentoring down in London.

YP have all been watching the falcons flying form the nest at the Town Hall and exams are all finished.

Iqra – now finished placement and will soon be returning to university. The future YoFo meetings will again be themed and the next one on Saturday is focusing on peace.

Fariss has sadly not had his contract renewed at work and is looking for further jobs.



3 Cat Jessop – Voice Up  











Cat was welcome by the group and did a brief recap and what she is involved in to those who were not present at the last meeting she attended. She explained how they can choose a cause or an issue affecting young people and work with Touchstones and Pioneers to lobby the government and work to create an artistic campaign.  She explained how this would catch their attention, represents the views of young people and is something they are welcome to be involved in.  They would also achieve a bronze art award which would look good on their CV and it would open the doors for other opportunities including a trip to South Africa.  The project will take place in September – December.


The YP were keen to participate in this and use it to support their campaign focusing on raising awareness of mental health issues in young people. They signed up for the project and gave their details to Cat who will be in contact soon.  AMc and CJ will keep in touch to take it further.













4 Nurture Psychology  

















Louise introduced herself to the group and explained where she is form, the project her and Kirsty have set up, what they do and how they can help. She explained how they are clinical psychologists, have been delivering workshops in schools and to parents, train services how to handle and support young people and want their service to be easily accessible.  They have recently met with Heads Up to look at trauma and the science within the brain behind the issue, which needs looking into more.


Iqra asked how they have been getting young people’s opinions and how RBYC are happy to help in any way to shape the service, what they provide and how to help young people.   The issue the group raised about some of the suggestions, such as speaking to someone in school or attending sessions there, is that they don’t want others to know they have a mental health issue, so would not attend during school time.  Louise mentioned about a 6 week therapy within an undisclosed group and how they need to get to the route of the problem to solve it properly.


The group then discussed how young people lack support with bereavement or loss, particularly young carers or cared for children who are going through the transition from children’s to adult service at such a young age. They used some examples of young people they know and Nurture Psychology were surprised at how much of a common issue this is.  They then discussed it more broadly as loss, to include support when a family member moves to another country etc.  This led to sharing of great ideas and what was needed.  Louise emphasized how they do not want to duplicate services already being provided and wants to look into this area further.  They also discussed peer support.  Due to time, this will be continued further at another meeting and RBYC are keen to support it I line with their mental health campaign.



















5 Presentation to Informal Cabinet  






AM explained to the group why it was delayed and how it has been rearrange for Tuesday 4th July, 18:00 at Number 1 Riverside.  All YP are available to attend.


Iqra shared some of her experiences with delivering presentations and advised the group to use less words and more pictures. The group agreed and AMc will tweak the presentation how they discussed and send it out ASAP.  They also agreed to meet on Thursday 29th June to have a final run through of it and go through the updates.









6 Curriculum for Life  










Iqra explained the presentation which young people from all local authorities across the North West have been given 1 minute to do on Saturday in relation to what they have done so far locally regarding the Curriculum for Life campaign. The group discussed this and said that so far they have attended the head teachers meeting and got their support (although schools struggle to have the capacity to deliver it), they have consulted with other groups including young carers, CiCC and the SEND forum, they have it in their presentation to informal cabinet and want to put a resource pack for young people to deliver in schools.


Myiesha, Sarah, Fariss and Louis will deliver the presentation on Saturday and will meet AMc at MMYC at 9:15 to draw some quick posters to take with them to demonstrate it.   AM will also send the update out via e-mail to everyone.













7 Interview Panel  






AMc explained how an 18 hour post has been released to cover her on maternity leave, hopefully with a cross over during August. The deadline for the applications was yesterday, but we are not yet sure how many have applied and how many will be shortlisted.  They discussed different ways of interviewing them and what types of questions could be asked.


Louis, Sarah, Mel and Myiesha agreed to finalise it next Thursday when we have more information on numbers and a confirmation of which day on the first week of July the interviews will be taking place.










8 Champions Event  







AMc explained the suggestion of killing 2 birds with one stone and organizing the champion event as part of the Mayor’s Youth Awards. They thought this was a great idea, but then started to discuss how much time they would have to invest in this and meet on a different night weekly to organize it.  Very few YP have the capacity to do this with other commitments and the time they already spend as part of RBYC, so decided not to go ahead with it.


AMc encouraged them to think if they have the capacity to do any event, or just want to join on to other events such as the Festival of Friendship, MYA etc. to do some work and use much less time. YP will think about this and discuss it at the next meeting, deciding whether or not to sign up to hosting a separate event.










9 AOB  



Louis explained the #IWill campaign and how it aims to help people, particularly young people, with loneliness. The group are keen to support this and Louis also said how it would help them improve their media representation and evidence their positive contribution to society.  MG also suggested mentioning it at YouthForia on Saturday and sharing it with others to have a greater impact in supporting the campaign.  All agreed this was a great idea and it will be slipped in on Saturday.  



14 Next Meeting  
14.1 The next RBYC meeting will be on Thursday 6th July, 18:00 – 20:00 at Matthew Moss Youth Centre, with Cambridge University attending to do some research and provide many refreshments! All