Just the minutes from the last meeting with Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet.

Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet



Date of Meeting: Thurs 12th January 2017 Time From To
18:00 20:00
Venue: Council Chambers, Rochdale Town Hall


1 Welcome  
1.1 All members welcomed and AM mentioned few apologies sent.  
2 Town Hall Development Project  



















Neil Eccles & Jonathan Hindle introduced the project, especially to new members, and explained about the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), what they aim to do, how they plan to do it with the skills of local businesses and why they want it to be opened more to members of the public. They went through what changes they would like to make to the building and what parts they would like to open.  New members want a tour to be arranged to help them see this more clearly.

YP fed back their thoughts:

  • Recording studio and restaurant run by YP sounds great.
  • Keep the character of the building, don’t make it too modern.
  • Agreed with moving the parking to the rear to use outside of the front entrance more.
  • Have local school trips and educate YP on the history in a modern, innovative way.
  • Currently doesn’t feel welcoming – maybe do a virtual tour online? Do more outside such as outdoor cinema, ice rink & use the commissioned inflatable town hall to get opinions of more YP.
  • Fundraise by art work auctions, talent shows, seasonal events etc. to help maintain it.
  • An attractive water fountain outside?

YP will be filmed whilst answering questions at the end of the meeting to get their feedback and support for the HLF.

3 Updates  


Zaara has been enrolled into an acting school academy to develop her skills in art and dancing, well done Zaara! No other big updates given.  
4 Previous Minutes & Matters Arising  
4.1 All YP happy with the minutes from the previous meeting and actions have been taken.  
5 Young Inspectors  







Some of the trained YP have been to inspect RBSCB this evening. They interviewed some of the board members and asked them questions to check if they met the standards young people like.  Some of the board members talked quite a lot!  Overall a success and HM will write up the report from it.


Some YP want to attend training to become a young inspector – AM to arrange for one to take place during the February half term.

6 Young People’s Annual Report  


MG updated the group on what she has been asked to do with photography. Myesha is happy to do the art work for it along with Fariss and Zaara.  MA has previously designed posters for which she has been awarded.  AM to find ore information and feed back to Alyson.  
7 Meeting with Andy Burnham MP  
7.1 AM reminded them of the meeting with Andy Burnham MP and explained wat is was all for with the GM Devolution and how they are presenting their manifesto to get support from all mayoral candidates. Ish, Sarah, Laila, Kiran and Iqra are attending on Saturday 28th Jan and will feed back to the rest of the group.  
8 YouthForia  
8.1 YP who want to attend were given consent forms and shown the agenda for the day. MG and TR answered questions from new members about how it works and what they do.  HM and Ma to take the YP to the event, meet at Matthew Moss Youth Centre at 9:15 on Sunday 29th Jan.  
9 Elections – Online Voting  







AM opened the discussion by recognizing some concerns have been raised and explaining how it is needed for YP in care, young carers, NEETs etc. to get the opportunity to vote and how we are being strict with it and not counting votes from same IP address or from those over 19 years old.


YP fed back, in general they were not supportive of the idea as they are concerned about people voting more than once. AM suggested tightening the information needed, but YP still not happy.  They suggested having a voting box in care homes and schools for YP who don’t get chance to vote in assembly.  The issue here is monitoring it and ensuring that people don’t vote twice this way.  They were however, happy with groups who we work with, such as the young carers forum, to vote online.  AM to discuss with HM and see if other alternatives can be arranged for NEETs etc. or making online voting more secure.


10 AOB  



A reminder for people to stay behind after the meeting to be filmed for the Town Hall Development project.


AM distributed media consent forms to new members for them to return at the next meeting.

11 Next Meeting  
11.1 The next RBYC meeting will be on Thursday 2nd February, 18:00 – 20:00 in the Council Chambers at Rochdale Town Hall.