All YP welcome and a few apologies sent in due to summer holidays.

Update on Town Hall Development Project:

The video was played to the group which they were filmed as part of.  Jonathan exlained how the bid has not been successful this year due to other projects submitted, but have been encouraged to reapply. They shared their thoughts about how to improve the bid for next time.

They discussed how to make Rochdale more creative and what opportunities are missing for children and young people.  They also spoke about how to apply differently next time. Ideas were shared about how to get money in, what new ideas could be proposed, which should be prioritised, essential tasks and how to get the building more open to the public.

Other proposed opportunities and ideas were also shared with the group and their ideas about them were shared in detail.  The potential of higher education and a university was also discussed and how this would impact on young people or encourage them to stay within the borough rather than move elsewhere.

Trolling-Training from Communications Team:

Katie introduced herself and how she could help them with what they do on their social media sites.  They used their example about how to reply to comments on twitter, how to hide them, block them, which to ignore and which to comment to and how.  In the example used, they were advised to block and hide it as it is difficult to reply to people’s political opinions and avoid treading those lines.  They were advised to factually correct comments made.

They also discussed how to use social media in the most effective way possible to reach out to peole, raise awareness of what they do and make it more popular.  They were informed how photos, videos, hashtags, tagging other people and keeping up with the topic of conversation.

E-safety Campaign:

Alyson from RBSCB introduced the project and the feedback from RBYC, RBCC, MIND, schools, colleges etc. has made it a big issue and how to address it.  They were informed how resources can be put together, how they can be involved and have an input to do peer support.  They agreed it needs to be an ongoing project and they need to raise awareness on what is safe as well as unsafe.

Make Your Mark:

The group discussed signing up as make your mark champions and how to register, how to achieve it and why.  The national consultation will be launched at the Festival of Friendship.

All other agenda items will be address at the next meeting as time has ran out…