Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet



Date of Meeting: Thurs 16th March 2017 Time From To
18:00 20:00
Venue: Matthew Moss Youth Centre


1 Welcome  
1.1 All members welcomed by the new chair and MYP, Sarah Mahmood. AM mentioned few apologies sent. None
2 Updates  
2.1 Louis – got concussion earlier in the week after a bang! Starting to come round form it now.

Louis and Sarah – were interviewed at school today for the BBC school report and all went well! They will keep an eye out for the link and share it when it comes through.



3 Alison – United Nations Sustainable Development Goals  















Alison introduced herself to the group and how she got involved with and attended the United Nations Conference in February. She explained what it is all about, how the event went and what they looked at.  There are 17 sustainable development goals which they aim to achieve by 2030 across the world.  Each goal is broken down with more focused categories to reach each one.  For example, the health one includes mental health services.  Many of these are issues which RBYC are passionate about, campaigning on or are willing to support.


This led to the group discussing how projects which they are currently involved in reach some of the targets and can contribute to achieving these goals. Projects they are participating in which support the goals in particular include water aid, mental health, gender equality with international women’s day, curriculum for life, work experience and exam re-sits.


AM mentioned how the RBCC, CiCC, Young Carers Forum and other groups are also involved in projects which can help impact these goals. AM will feedback progress from each group to Alison over the next year.


















4 New Manifesto  

















With Sarah as the new MYP, the new manifesto was written up by the group along with how they hope to achieve them and is as follows:


Raising Awareness of Mental Health and Support Available – raise awareness in schools through staff and young people. Raise awareness of support available for young people and how to access it.  Contact support groups including Healthy Young Minds, Hype, #Thrive and consult with them to make improvements to support services available to young people.


Affordable Transport – Continue with the progress through the Greater Manchester Youth Assembly. Ask for the opinions of more YP acros the borough.


GCSE Re-sits – Ask YP how it would benefit them if they brought them back. Sarah to attend Head Teachers meeting to discuss the issue with them.  Also look into how bringing coursework back as part of the arks would help YP reach their achievements.


Bullying – raise awareness of this in schools, similar to how they plan to do for mental health. Also look at the services for young people and how they can be more accessible and beneficial to YP.  Speak to school governors about the issue.


















5 Councillor Farnell – Rochdale Online  








AM showed the group the article on Rochdale Online which some of the members had noticed and wanted to discuss. She highlighted the parts which were most appropriate to them, particularly the part where he mentions consulting with the group about how to invest the £3m in young people.


The group then discussed where they think money needs to be invested and these areas included safer and cheaper transport, especially for people with SEND, youth service provision to help with the campaign for more youth clubs, work experience/apprenticeships, a pot of funding to support YP who need to re-sit exams, mental health services, support for YP in care moving into adulthood and independence, summer play schemes and drug and alcohol support.









6 YouthForia  


The group confirmed who was attending YouthForia in Manchester on Sunday and they looked at the agenda to prepare for what they would be discussing and working on.   Looks like it will be interested and a productive event!  



7 Northern Powerhouse  
7.1 Mel, Myiesha, Fariss and Laila gave feedback on this event and said it went really well.   They all made great progress in the workshops on health, education, youth voice and transport.  Mel will also be finishing her qualification from being involved in this.





8 Undercover Work  
8.1 All YP present were interested in participating in the undercover work where they go into shops and see if they get served underage for items such as fireworks, alcohol, cigarettes etc. AM will feed this back to Claire who will be in contact with the individuals interested. AMc
9 AOB  







Myiesha is interested in the theatre workshop which AM explained to them all.


Myiehsa is also doing a red nose day next week in Rochdale and wanted ideas from YP about what she could do in the shopping area. YP fed back ideas such as ‘go and make someone smile, pick up a piece of litter, open the door for someone etc.’


Other items on the agenda will have to be carried to the next meeting.





14 Next Meeting  
14.1 The next RBYC meeting will be on Thursday 30th March, 18:00 – 20:00 at Matthew Moss Youth Centre. All