All members welcome and a few apologies sent.  MYP Sarah Mahmood chaired the meeting.


Jemma introduced herself from the peace foundation based in Warrington which formed after the terrorist attack. Some YP were killed as part of the attack and parents created documentary in Ireland.  There is now a peace centre at which they offer courses and training.  YP offered a free residential at the end of July including transport and they would attend workshops around peace and leadership, for which they get a recognised award.  There is also another residential next week for 15-17 year olds.


Lisa introduced herself from Touchstones as programmer and how she wants to set up a young people’s programme group to hep plan events such as the Feel Good Festival. She also exlained the peace building project internationally, how the project works and how they meet every 2 years. The next meeting is in South Africa next year and offering the opportunity to the group members.  It will start at the congress week with sharing experiences of conflict and come together to create work such as street theatre, dance, art, or anything the YP want it to be. They would also do some fundraising for it. On return to Rochdale the group would meet weekly. YP very interested in participating. Being involved can also contribute to the arts awards.

They were also invited to assist in gosting the Link 4 Life sporting awards event and be involved in planning.

Greater Manchester Youth Assembly Feedback:

Spoke last week with councillors and the Mayor of GM Andy Burnham and participated in workshops focusing on mental health, transport and curriculum for life, discussing what will be done about them.  They also questionned him on how he will keep his promises such as cheaper transport with half price bus tickets coming in for 16-18 year olds from September. Safety will also be improved in partnership with GMP and more funding has been made available. He also explained to them how mental health services will be designed and delivered across GM to help improve waiting times and services on a more local level.

Make Your Mark

Angie explained the process of the national consultation and how it works.  They are keen to lead the consultation more this year and will attend a training day in August to learn how to deliver it in schools and colleges and beat the number of young people participating from across the borough from last year.


The YP discussed the tweet they sent at GMYA and the response they got from a stranger. Angie explained how they spoke about it with regional staff last week and ageed that sending no response is wiser, however, the local policy is to respond when possible. As a result the communications team are coming to the next meeting to train the YP on what to say, when to/not to reply, how to stay safe from them and keep privacy settings secure.


Angie explained the meeting with RBSCB and the acgreed actions to work on the e-safet campaign in partnership with the children’s council, young carers forum and other local groups. An action group will be put together to work intently on this issue and some members were interested in putting the resource packs together. They agreed YP will listen more to each other delivering sessions or workshops on this issue than adults.


Members were keen to participate in the summer programme and Angie gave copies out to those who have not yet got one. We also discussed a meal out as a reward for their informal cabinet presentation. A few places were suggested for Angie to look into.

#IWill Campaign

The deadline to tackle loneliness in YP this year has passed, but they would like to take it more seriously next year to contibute to the community and attend fun activities. This year it could also support the new RBCC manifesto.


Louis and Mel mentioned volunteering opportunities over summer in their local community.