My name is Myiesha Amani I am a member of the youth cabinet and representative of Rochdale borough.  Recently on the 25th February, I and a few other cabinet members were invited to attend the Northern Powerhouse at the university of Huddersfield.  On arrival, we were introduced to refreshments and some delightful little snacks.  We were introduced to a few updates and events going on from Dr. Andy Mycock -reader in politics.  Later on, we were greeted by our NPH steering group and escorted to our desired workshop-chosen on arrival.  These included: NHS, youth voice, transport and education.

Once in our rooms, we all introduced ourselves with our names, area and what we do.  Not long after that we all split up into groups and had a certain topic to discuss and answer a few questions.  In my group, we discussed democracy being taught in school more and being compulsory.  This does tie into many of the curriculum for life campaigns too.  We also talked about how many pupils do not find it interesting using a PSHCE lesson as a free lesson and how we could prevent and change this.  Next, we went on to talk about Brexit and the effects for young people and after we gathered all the information we needed from the rest of the people in our groups it was off to lunch.  So I and rest of cabinet met and ate out lunch together.  After an hour lunch/break, everyone fed back on their workshops.  Later on, we had a lecture on education in the north and the downfall whilst comparing it to London education.  Next, we had someone talk about an idea of bus cards to buy for 7 days and students to get 1/3 off bus fares.  Towards the end of the day, we all put these ideas together on a big piece of paper on each table.  This then wrapped up this busy day and we all set off on our journey home.

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