Let’s face it: life for teenagers has never been more stressful. GCSE’s have gotten harder, social media is more unforgiving and, above all, more places to go are being shut down. It’s hard to get that work-life balance that we need. No wonder mental health issues have soared in recent years. It is shocking to think that so little is done openly to help deal with the issue-even as more and more celebrities trying to bring an end to the taboo. It is time for someone to curb the trend. It is time for action.


So why is it important to do something now?

It is a very important issue for young people across Rochdale and the rest of the country. After all, it would not be a part of the manifesto if it wasn’t voted for by the young people in Rochdale! That’s why it’s important to do something now.

I find it worrying that more and more stress is being forced onto young people. The GCSE’s have been made a whole lot harder. It is the weight that is crushing the chests of  young people. No wonder why so many struggle to breath, crushed under the weight of revision, school, and socialising. This balancing act has led to an appalling 70% rise in mental illness in young people in the last 25 years. Whilst it’d be great to be able to say “don’t worry, you’ll do fine” to everyone, the reality is that we have to make the most of what we’ve got. We can’t take away the stress of exams, of school, but more should be done to make it easier to cope, and to help and support those who suffer from mental health issues- we need to .

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks- all can be triggered by stress. They are set to rise, and little is being done to combat this growing problem. That is why this year Rochdale Youth Council are hoping to raise awareness of mental illness and to increase the support for mental health across the Borough.



The youth cabinet have met with many key decision makers in order to increase the availability of mental health support in the Borough.

Additionally, we have met with a local charity that has offered the Cabinet guidance and ongoing support for the cause. We continue to work with other local charities in order to achieve the best for the young people in Rochdale