One of the most commonly raised issues by young people across the borough of Rochdale, the North West of England and the whole of the UK over the past few years is mental health awareness and the quality, accessibility and knowledge of services for young people.  Due to it being raised more and more, one of our former MYPs, Leon Hollinrake, started an on going campaign to tackle the stigma attached to mental health issues, raise awareness of how common it is and improve support and services available to young people in Rochdale.

As part of this campaign, the Youth Cabinet met up with Fixers, which is a charity who make videos to support young people with any issues they are facing.  They worked on a project and put a video together called ‘Whisper in the Ear’ to challenge the stigma and help people realise how common mental health issues are in young people.  The video has been shared and played in many settings across the borough to help progress with the campaign.

The video was seen as so powerful and helpful to young people that it was chosen to be played on ITV 6 o’clock news, along with interviews with Leon Hollinrake, youth cabinet members, specialists and young people who have watched the video.  Watch and share the section played on ITV along with the video itself  now!  This is still a common issue and our newly elected MYP Sarah Mahmood, along with the deputy Louis Tweedale, are very passionate about this issue and are currently continuing the campaign locally.  Watch the campaign articles to keep an eye on their progress!