Want some clarity on the jargon used on this site?  This should help!

MYP – Member of UK Youth Parliament

DMYP – Deputy Member of UK Youth Parliament

BYC – British Youth Council

RBYC – Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet

RBCC – Rochdale Borough Children’s Council

UKYP – United Kingdom Youth Parliament

MYM – Make Your Mark

GMYA – Greater Manchester Youth Assembly

GMD – Greater Manchester Devolution

YouthForia – regional meeting where young people from all across the North West meet up to work on campaigns and regional issues.

YP – Young People

RBC – Rochdale Borough Council

CC – Children’s Champion

DCC – Deputy Children’s Champion

CiCC – Children in Care Council

CPB – Corporate Parenting Board

RYS – Rochdale Youth Service

C4L – Curriculum for Life

HOC – House of Commons

MP – Member of Parliament

Cllr – Councillor

SEND – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities