Too much pressure is being put on the youth of today: revise, revise, revise is a motto we have all become too familiar with. We are told that we have one shot to show the examiner what we are capable of. Without coursework, this is all that we have. No proof of what we can do, so all it takes is one bad day to set the tone for the rest of your life. No wonder it is the most stressful time that many teenagers will go through. Some perform well under the pressure and fly high.

But what happens to those who don’t? So many people get their results back and are disappointed with what they have been given. Some of these had a bad day in the exams, others crack under the pressure- either way they could have done better, but are not given the chance to prove it. This is one thing that Rochdale Youth Cabinet does not think is right- it is something we hope to change.