Hi, I am Louis Tweedale, the new Deputy Member of Youth Parliament for Rochdale. I look forward to serving my term along side Sarah Mahmood, especially on mental health, something we both agreed on in our manifestos. We are both pupils at Hollingworth Academy.

The main reason that I applied to be a candidate in the election is because I feel that young people, teenagers in particular, are misrepresented and demonised by the media. I hope to change this perception over the next year, and feel that it is the best way that I can help to improve the lives of young people across the borough. I hope to do this by proving to people that we are not lazy, and will do that with jobs and apprenticeships for young people. This is a good step for the future as it will give people experience for later life. It also gives young people a chance to make money, and let face it, we can’t get far without cash these days.

I look forward to serving you to the best of my ability.