All the information about what these groups are involved in, how the have their voices heard and when they take place is listed below.  If you are interested in being involved in any of these, please feel free to contact Angela McCormack on 07527 385 759 or

Youth Forums and School Councils:

The Township Area and Group Forums meet to look at issues in their local communities and address these with local service providers.  They often take action in the local community themselves to play a positive role as a local citizen, lead by good example and help local residents with any issues they raise.  They also hold local events such as Question Time.

Rochdale Youth Forum – Tuesday 6-8:30pm, Moss Street Youth Centre

Pennies Youth Forum – Wednesday 6-9pm, Smallbridge Library

Heywood Youth Forum – Thursday 6-8pm, Heywood Phoenix Centre

Middleton Youth Forum – Contact Paula Kelvin on 07527 385 761 or

SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability Forum) – Monthly on Wednesday 6-8pm, Springvale youth Centre

Young Carer’s Forum – Monday 7-9pm, Matthew Moss Youth Centre

Asian Young Women’s Forum – details can be found at

Childrens in Care Council – Fortnightly on Thursday 5-7pm, Matthew Moss Youth Centre.  They also present to the CPB (Corporate Parenting Board) every 6 weeks at Number 1 Riverside

School Councils – Speak to school staff members.

Rochdale Borough Youth Council:

Members of all the forums and school councils listed above are automatically invited to be a member of the Rochdale Borough Youth Council.  They meet every 3 months to discuss issues which are rising in many or all of the groups to enable them to tackle them on a larger scale and share ideas.  It is also a great opportunity for community groups to come together and work to improve the lives of young people across the borough.

Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet:

Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet are selected members of the Youth Council along with other young people who have shown interest and want to focus in this area.  They have a manifesto with campaign points which they take action on throughout the year.  They also listen to issues the youth council bring to them and take action on these.  Cabinet members meet with others from across Greater Manchester and the North West to work on campaigns regionally, such as public transport, and play their part in the British Youth Council.  They are currently part of Greater Manchester Youth Assembly, the Northern Powerhouse and YouthForia.  They are involved in the development of Rochdale Town Hall and frequently get asked to participate in consultations to get the views of young people.  The group is currently recruiting new members, so if you are interested please contact Angela McCormack on the details above.  We meet fortnightly on Thursdays 7-9pm, Matthew Moss Youth Centre and will soon be moving to the Town Hall Council Chambers.


The Member of UK Youth Parliament (MYP) for the Borough of Rochdale and the Deputy are democratically elected each year and they chair the Youth Cabinet.  In 2016, Tabitha Rusden as elected as the new MYP and Amelia Betham as the Deputy, when 10,376 young people form across the Rochdale Borough voted in the elections.  More details about them can be seen on their page on the website.  As well as having their voice heard locally and regionally, they also meet with other MYPs from across the UK and attend the House of Commons each year to debate on the most voted issues in the Make Your Mark consultation.  If you would like to apply to be the next MYP for Rochdale Borough, please contact Angela McCormack.

Rochdale Borough Children’s Council:

The Children’s Council represents children aged 8-11 from across the Borough and plays the same role as the youth council on a local level, but for young children.  They meet monthly on Saturdays, 10-12am at Matthew Moss Youth Centre.

Children’s Champion and Deputy:

The Children’s Champion and Deputy are democratically elected each year, just like the MYP, and they chair the Children’s Council.  The current Children’s Champion is Hannah Nazir and Madeleine Bamford is the deputy.  More can be seen about them on their page on the website.  The Children’s Champion and Deputy often open and speak at events alongside the MYP.