Make Your Mark is a national consultation  which all young people can participate in.  The ballot paper shows 10 issues which affect young people across the UK and young people tick which is the most important issue to them.  The top 5 voted issues are then debated on in House of Commons between MYPs from across the UK on Friday 11th November, before they vote which 2 should be the national campaigns for the next 12 months.  You can watch the debates live on BBC Parliament and online!

It gets all young people, schools and colleges from across the UK involved.

Quite often the most popular issues voted nationally are not the ones which young people in Rochdale choose, so we at RBYC will also look at the most voted issues on a local level to try and make life in Rochdale better for you!

Watch out for us across the Rochdale Borough in schools, colleges, sports centres and youth clubs over the next few weeks to have your chance to vote – or vote online at the following link:

For more information visit: or contact Angie McCormack at if you would like to vote which issue is most important to you!UKYP