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Next meeting

The Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet meet every 2 weeks and is chaired by the Member of UK Youth Parliament for the Borough of Rochdale.  Minutes will be published on the website to enable you to see what progress is being made on campaigns and issues young people face.  Our next meeting will be on Thursday 16th March 18:00 – 20:00.  We usually meet at the Council Chambers in Rochdale Town Hall, but on this occasion we are meeting at Matthew Moss youth Centre, Matthew Moss Lane, OL11 3LU as the chambers are in use.  We have a guest to this meeting and a busy agenda. ...

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Youth foria Jan 17

I am Jakob from Rochdale youth cabinate we attended youthforia in knowlsley on sunday 29th of January.We have came in had a drink and met some new people. We where introduced to our theme for the day which was special educational needs (SEN) and gone off to our different groups different groups did different things but we descussed accessibility of youthforia for young people in our group and fead our ideas back to the whole group We were all well fed the buffet looked like a tornado hit. Will showed us a new development he has created called share.the purpouce...

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