Author: Angela McCormack

Northern Powerhouse

Young people from across the North of England are working together to try and overcome the North/South divide and encourage more people to invest in Northern England as much as they do in Southern England.  On Saturday 9th July, RBYC members attended a Northern Powerhouse event at Huddersfield University to share their views on transport, education, health services and youth voice across the North of England.  After attending workshops and working on a plan of action, they fed back to key decision makers and discussed how they feel they should be involved when agreeing what should be on the...

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It has been a pleasure to work with Zara and Stephanie for the past year and they have made such a positive impact to the Rochdale Borough. Zara was elected with 8,221 votes from primary school children across the Rochdale borough and her campaigns were: stop smoking, cleaner parks and have more youth clubs.  They have all been very successful.  Both Zara and Stephanie have been involved in so many events such as interviews, holding their own meetings, fundraising for the Mayor’s charities, hosting events and even having their say in consultations. We’d like to say a big thank you to...

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