My name is Adam Rennie, I’m 15 years old and I attend Hollingworth Academy. I am your new Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) for Rochdale Borough Constituency as I won the 2020 MYP elections with roughly 25% out of 9500 votes between six candidates, I am still in touch with most of them and we have been continuing to work together to improve the Borough in the best ways we can. 

A bit about myself

I have been interested in politics for around 2-3 years, I have been all around Manchester and to several parts of the country for political demonstrations such as Extinction Rebellion marches in Brighton and a march on Downing Street with NHS workers to protect NHS funding and workers while I was in London. 

I enjoy spending time on my Xbox and watching YouTube in my spare time. However, I also love to have a laugh with my friends.

My favourite subjects in school are history and media studies.

Why I ran to be Member of Youth Parliament for Rochdale Borough

I decided to run to be your MYP because it became apparent to me that a lot of things were wrong in our society and that I must do whatever I can to help improve our Borough locally and to give us the representation we deserve on a regional and national level. I decided to run for MYP of Rochdale Borough a year ago in the 2019 elections, however I decided – along with advice from my teachers – to hold off for a year due to my low age. However, when 2020 came around and the opportunity arose once more, I decided to go for it with full support from friends, family and teachers. I stood in the election, campaigning to improve public transport services across the Borough, to support community policing and to support NHS mental health services and education centres such as Sure Start. 

What the Youth Cabinet and I have already achieved since my election

I have already made great strides in all of the areas of my campaign points thanks to the great support given to me by the Youth Cabinet and the Rochdale Youth Service (massive shout-out to both of these organisations).

However, those three points are not the only things I shall focus on as your MYP, I have received multiple reports of concern from constituents who have felt ignored in certain parts of the education curriculum when concerning the LGBTQ+ topic. We have already made great progress in this area and I am hoping we will be seeing some change very soon.

I have also been informed by a mass amount of constituents that a topic they’re very concerned about is the issue of climate change. Deputy MYP, Ismail Malik, has come up with some absolutely brilliant ideas towards how we can tackle climate change in the education sector in Rochdale Borough, we will be hopefully making strides in that area very soon.

I have already discussed plans for the future with a strategic planner for Transport for Greater Manchester and I am intending to hold more discussions with her and her team as soon as possible. 

I am also holding a meeting with some Sure Start workers very soon to discuss how we can approach our support of their amazing services.

In terms of community policing, I have yet to hold a meeting myself in discussion of this topic, however, former Deputy MYP (current Youth Councillor) Louis Tweedale and one of our Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority delegates have recently had an evening with the Greater Manchester Crime Commissioner which I have heard went well in terms of discussing knife crime and our collective approach towards it. However, I have attended the opening of the Darnhill & Heywood ABC Community Hub which will be an amazing service to provide to the youth, to get people off the streets and into a safe environment where they can learn amazing skills or just to simply have fun and take part in the sport of boxing thanks to the great coaching staff they have to offer. 

I have also attended the first congregation of North West Youth Parliamentarians where we participated in several workshops based around International Women’s Day, one of these workshops was done by Electricity North West and United Utilities which I attended with our Pioneers Of Sustainable Hope (POSH) delegate, Georgia Jones. We discussed how we can improve our energy sustainability in the North, I suggested a switch from uranium nuclear fission towards the much safer and waste-friendly option of thorium nuclear fission (a lot more friendly than it sounds). We also suggested increasing our number of windfarms such as the Rochdale windfarm on Scout Moor which is the second largest onshore windfarm in England.

All in all, I am feeling very strong about the approach we have taken towards campaigning, engaging in discussions and fighting for the ideas my constituents believe in.

To conclude…

I am thrilled and proud to be the Member of Youth Parliament for the Rochdale Borough Constituency, I cannot wait to continue working with the Youth Service, Youth Cabinet, Sure Start and dozens of other organisations to help improve our Borough in the best ways possible.

Thank you very much,

Adam Rennie MYP.

Member of Youth Parliament for Rochdale Borough Constituency. 

For constituency issues and queries, email me and the Youth Cabinet: