Georgia Jones has been a Youth Councillor for Rochdale Borough and a member of Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet at Rochdale Youth Service for around 14 months. Georgia is 17 years old and attends Rochdale Sixth Form College. She is also a POSH (Pinoeer of Sustainable Hope) representative for Rochdale borough and is passionate about campaigning and working to tackle climate change and educate her peers. As a POSH rep, Georgia has attended the regional meetings led by Youth Focus North West, YouthForia, to feed back, share resources and train how to campaign on this topic. Georiga has progressed significantly over the year in many areas and is always enthusiastic to actually act on what she is working on and set a good example to those around her.

Her had work has opened many doors and opporutnities for her, including a trip to Malta from 9th – 16th November 2019 with the Model European Parliament as a representative, not just of Rochdale Borough, but the whole of the UK. Her family and college supprted her with this trip and as part of Group A, Georgia was given the following options on which committee to participate in:

• [AFET/DEVE] Committee on Development

• [AFET/DROI] Committee on Human Rights

• [AFCO] Committee on Constitutional Affairs

• [ECON] Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs

• [FEMM] Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

Georgia chose to focus on FEMM, the Committee on Women’s rights and Gender Equality and the key questions of the week: The question of gender-based discrimination was:

Gender-based discrimination still effects many young people, especially young women. When compared to men, women are paid less, still underrepresented in politics and this affects the whole population. What prevents women from participating in politics? Are political gender quotas the solution to ensure a fairer representation?

Georgia was sent documents to help her do some research and prepare for the committee prior to attending, which she spent many hours doing. Georgia had an amazing time on the trip to Malta and gained so much experience and knowledge from it. Everything they discussed will be fed back and considered by MEP to hopefully make positive progress on the issue. Feedback from the Head person from MEP regarding Georgia was: United Kingdom: Georgia Jones ‘While UK was quiet and reserved initially she really came out of her shell towards the final stages of committee work and during the GA (General Assembly), asking multiple good questions to other committees. At the most crucial time, UK was a key element of this committee, significantly contributing to the rephrasing of the IC’s and OC’s (without her our resolution would have probably made no sense). United Kingdom was well informed and enthusiastic and was very keen to perfect the resolution. Although UK was not chosen to hold a speech she was one of the most active and impressive members of the committee, especially during the GA since Georgia actively defended our resolution. We strongly believe in her potential and therefore recommend her to hold the position of Committee President.’

As she is enthusiastically taking them up on the offer of being the Committee President, Georgia is next going to be attending the MEP in Bulgaria in 2020 to work further in this area and gain more positive experience. Georgia made some wonderful friends on this trip, so much so that they have personally arranged to catch up in Luxemburg in January 2020. A huge thank you and well done to you Georgia, you have done UK youth proud and all of us at Rochdale Council!