You read right! Our very own Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) was interviewed on BBC Radio Manchester.

Last week Anita Okunde, student at Kingsway Park High School and former Deputy Member of Youth Parliament, was interviewed by BBC in Rochdale Town Hall to discuss her plans, aims, and targets for the future. Go ahead and give it a listen.

The radio clip of Anita Okunde (Rochdale Member of Youth Parliament) on BBC Radio Manchester

She was introducted in such enthusiasm as it went onto them asking her about her manifesto. After disgussing briefly on knife crime and mental health; wanting to create awareness for both, they went on to discuss the current stance on youth in politics.

The passion that Anita has in politics is based around making a change in the world she lives in. Further stating that she believes that Rochdale Youth Parliament can make a change to the Rochdale area after seeing it for herself when she was Deputy MYP.

During the voting process for MYP, it is noticable that not a lot of young people are that engaged in politics. But Anita beautifully explains that creating a role model that you can relate to and who represents you the best can create more of an interest.

Once the role of MYP is achieved, said MYP is able to campaign on their manifesto throughout the year. During this, they are able to speak on behalf of the youth of Rochdale in respect to the Make Your Mark results which voting occurs every November. Anita shows her eagerness towards Make Your Mark and how much she is looking forward to the opportunity that is in front of her.

With all this experience and knowledge, BBC asked whether her plans in the future would be in politics. Anita’s response made the interviewer awestruck with the comment “Wow, aim big, why not”.

If you would like to ask Anita a question yourself, feel free to send an email to