Sarah Mahmood, aged 16, is the former Member of UK Youth Parliament for the borough of Rochdale and has been recognised by the Royal Family for all her hard work with support of the Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet.  Sarah will be presented with the Diana Award, the most prestigious award a young person can receive, on Friday 28th September at Althorp House, the childhood home for Princess Diana.

Sarah worked hard during her year as MYP and has set a good example to her peers.  She listened well to them and acted on the feedback, focusing particularly on mental health services and support for young people.  During her campaign for this, she has secured 2 positions for mental health workers to help young people and this will be greatly appreciated.  She also attended the House Of Commons and participated in the national debates, chaired by the Rt Hon John Bercow, and was particularly keen to support the GSCE resists and cheaper transport, as well as the mental health issues.  Sarah has been supported greatly by Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet, Rochdale Youth Service and Neeli Mosque.

After receiving the award, Sarah will also be eligible for the Legacy Award.  You can watch the full interview with Sarah and her youth worker, Heather Mellalieu, which was broadcast live on BBC, on the video above.