After completing an application, being shortlisted, attending an interactive interview evening and giving a 1 minute speech about why they should be the next Member of UK Youth Parliament (MYP) for Rochdale borough in 2019, the following 6 young people have gone through as candidates ready for the democratic elections which start in January.

So firstly, what role does the MYP play?  Well, just like the adult MPs, their role is to listen to and represent the voices of young people from across the borough, even if they don’t agree with them.  They will be working on 3 campaigns which they have chosen for their manifesto.  They will attend local, regional and national meetings, speak to peers about what is affecting them and how to tackle it and even go down to the House of Commons to debate under the Rt Hon John Bercow over issues voted nationally by young people.

What next?   Each of the 6 candidates has filmed a 1 minute video introducing themselves, saying why they would be a good MYP and explaining the 3 issues they would campaign on if elected.  From 14th January until 10th February, young people aged 11-19 from across the borough will be watching this video and voting who they think the next MYP should be.  The person with the most votes will be elected as MYP and the candidate with the second highest number will be deputy.  So, here are the 6 candidates!

You ready to vote?

MYP 2019 Elections