I am Jakob from Rochdale youth cabinate we attended youthforia in knowlsley on sunday 29th of January.We have came in had a drink and met some new people. We where introduced to our theme for the day which was special educational needs (SEN) and gone off to our different groups different groups did different things but we descussed accessibility of youthforia for young people in our group and fead our ideas back to the whole group

We were all well fed the buffet looked like a tornado hit.

Will showed us a new development he has created called share.the purpouce of this is to share tools and pictures between yofo and the different LA’s

We split of into different groups again this time we talked about mp’s.We discussed what our MP’s do and attempting to remember facts about them. Some funny ideas.

We have  discussed what we are doing in our local area with regards to curriculum for life. Bolton have shown us a vidio all about what they have done over the last year it was very funny and will be made available for you to wach soon.

Northern powerhouse was discussed and the next meeting for them will be on 25th of February

The next yofo is on the 19th of March which will be blogged live from the event on share (introduced above) and this site and dont forget to check out our calander amd download our app.