Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet, run by Rochdale Youth Service, meet fortnightly and is chaired by the Member of UK Youth Parliament (MYP) for the Borough of Rochdale.  They discuss issues young people face across the borough and take action to improve the lives of young people and make sure their voices are being heard.  Please see below for the minutes of our last meeting:

Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet


Date of Meeting: Thurs 5th January 2017 Time From To
18:00 20:00
Venue: Council Chambers, Rochdale Town Hall


1 Welcome
1.1 All members welcomed and wished a happy new year. AM mentioned few apologies sent.
2 Updates
2.1 Tabitha – been away to Amsterdam and had a wonderful time!

Sarah – been on a 2 week pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia and learned a lot from it. Fantastic experience which has made her reflect quite a lot.

Most other YP just had a lovely Christmas and new year and enjoyed the break!

3 Young Inspectors








HM informed the group what exactly the young inspectors do. RBSCB want us to go and inspect some of their services next week.  YP who have already attended the training and have experience in inspection will be meeting next week with Alyson, discussing what they will be doing, going through the questions and undertaking the inspection on Thursday evening.  Tabitha, Mel and Fariss are up for doing this.  HM will arrange a meeting time next week to go through it all.


YP who have not undertaken the young inspectors training are quite keen to do so, so another training day will be arranged over the next few months.

4 Feedback from Takeover Day






Ish explained what the Takeover day was and who he shadowed on it this year. He had been along with the Public Health team who assumed he was a dental health student!  They spent time showing him statistics, what work they do, what they are involved in and showing him some of the work.  They gave him a few freebies to take home and he particularly likes having the pass to get around the Riverside.  Tabitha is soon to shadow Chief Inspector Umer Khan and HM gave an update from the other YP who shadowed other services.
5 Young People’s Annual Report




AM introduce what the consultation was for with the RBSCB annual report. YP looked through the report and gave some feedback aout how to make it better for YP, what they found interesting, what could be improved and what was good about it.  AM will feed all the points back to RBSCB and see if more work needs to be done with the group.
6 Consultation – Expansion of Schools


TR showed the YP the proposals for expanding some of the secondary and primary schools across the borough. YP raised some concerns, particularly for the expansion of the secondary schools and how they will struggle with space, especially at lunch times when they already are rushed to eat their food.  Good feedback was given about the expansion of Hollingworth Academy, what actions they have taken to cover it and how so far it is going really well.  It may be good for schools to learn from these and go about it in a similar manner.  AM to feed all the points back from RBYC and RBCC.
7 YouthForia
7.1 TR explained to the new members what exactly YouthForia is and what they do there.   AM gave out the consent forms for the next meeting on Sunday 29th January.  YP need to return their consent forms at the next RBYC meeting.
8 Town Hall Funding Bid Support Letter
8.1 TR read out the letter of thanks and gratitude for the support letter which the group put forward as part of the HLF bid. They will more consulted with further along the line and AM will keep them up to date.
9 You’re Welcome



MG informed the group about what the ‘You’re Welcome’ standards are and what they have done with them so far. All group members were interested in being trained as a verifier and inspecting local health services.  AM will train them up over the next month or so to undertake the inspections.
10 MYP Elections
10.1 HM explained where they were up to. The website has just been updated with the pictures of the candidates, the video is almost done and the ballot papers have bene ordered.  HM also explained how this year there will be a way to vote online.
11 Head Teachers Meeting





TR and IA are both attending the next Rochdale Borough Head Teachers Meeting. Tabitha will be going with information on which schools do/don’t provide work experience for their pupils and will be discussing why it is so important, what YP gain form it and why is should be brought back to all schools.  IA will be discussing the Curriculum for Life with them and how to bring this further in to schools.
12 Webpage
12.1 AM explained to the new members about the web page and encouraged more YP to input on to the site. New members will be trained and given an admin account to allow them access to doing so.
13 AOB
13.1 None arisen.
14 Next Meeting
14.1 The next RBYC meeting will be on Thursday 19th January, 18:00 – 20:00 in the Council Chambers at Rochdale Town Hall.