Rochdale Borough’s Children in Care Council, the Listen Up group, want to find out if cared for children, young people and care leavers across Rochdale borough feel that they get to participate in decisions which are important to them.  The theme of the next Corporate Parenting Board meeting on the 16th March is participation and therefore, this is a good opportunity to let people know if children and young people cared for in Rochdale borough feel involved in decisions made about them and services provided for them.  If you are a care leaver or a child/young person in care, please share your thoughts around this topic and complete the survey by Wednesday 15th March at:

If you would like to join the Listen Up group and share your thoughts, experiences and ideas about services and decisions made for cared for children, please contact and get involved.  For more information about the group and the Rochdale Youth Service open access session for cared for children, with fun, activities, trips and projects of your choice, please see 5748_ChildrenInCareCouncil_A4_HR