Young people aged 8-19 who live in Rochdale, Middleton, Heywood or the Pennines have submitted funding applications for up to £2000 from the Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF) to help provide new activities and opportunities for young people.  Member of Rochdale Borough Children’s Council and Youth Cabinet decide who the funding is granted for on Friday 28th September.  The fund is provided by Rochdale Borough Council and is supported by Rochdale Youth Service.

Applications with be looked at in detail by the YOF Panels, members of which have all received training in this area.  All applications with be equally considered, but those more likely to be granted will benefit a significant number of young people, use existing resources, have volunteers, have follow up sessions in place and fit the criteria stated on the application form.  Applicants will either be granted all or part of the funding, be contacted for more information or not be successful, with clear information to explain why.

The YOF applications will be open again at the beginning of February 2019 and the application can be downloaded here:

For more information, visit