Month: February 2017

Cared for Children Survey – Listen Up

Rochdale Borough’s Children in Care Council, the Listen Up group, want to find out if cared for children, young people and care leavers across Rochdale borough feel that they get to participate in decisions which are important to them.  The theme of the next Corporate Parenting Board meeting on the 16th March is participation and therefore, this is a good opportunity to let people know if children and young people cared for in Rochdale borough feel involved in decisions made about them and services provided for them.  If you are a care leaver or a child/young person in care, please share your thoughts around...

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Next meeting

The Rochdale Borough Youth Cabinet meet every 2 weeks and is chaired by the Member of UK Youth Parliament for the Borough of Rochdale.  Minutes will be published on the website to enable you to see what progress is being made on campaigns and issues young people face.  Our next meeting will be on Thursday 16th March 18:00 – 20:00.  We usually meet at the Council Chambers in Rochdale Town Hall, but on this occasion we are meeting at Matthew Moss youth Centre, Matthew Moss Lane, OL11 3LU as the chambers are in use.  We have a guest to this meeting and a busy agenda. ...

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Newly Elected MYP & Deputy for Rochdale Borough with 11,000 Votes!

On Wednesday 15th February, the results of the democratic Member of UK Youth Parliament (MYP) Elections for the Rochdale Borough were anno0unced at Rochdale Town Hall.  Tabitha Rusden, the former MYP and Amelia Betham, the former Deputy MYP, handed the medals over to the new Deputy, Louis Tweedale, and the new MYP, Sarah Mahmood, both from Hollingworth Academy. Hannah Nazir and Madeleine Bamford, the current Children’s Champion and Deputy, hosted the event and special guests including the Mayor, Gail Hopper (the director of children’s services), councillor Donna Martin and Councillor Janet Emsley, were also at the event and said some...

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Deputy Member of Youth Parliament 2017

Hi, I am Louis Tweedale, the new Deputy Member of Youth Parliament for Rochdale. I look forward to serving my term along side Sarah Mahmood, especially on mental health, something we both agreed on in our manifestos. We are both pupils at Hollingworth Academy. The main reason that I applied to be a candidate in the election is because I feel that young people, teenagers in particular, are misrepresented and demonised by the media. I hope to change this perception over the next year, and feel that it is the best way that I can help to improve the lives of young people across...

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Final words

Hello, I am writing my final words as Member of UK Youth Parliament for the Rochdale borough. It is in my greatest pleasure to be writing on here, but also a sad and emotional time at this stage to be saying my goodbye to you all. I have enjoyed every moment of being member of youth parliament and it has been an honour to represent young people in our borough. I have worked hard and fought for many issues in the local areas. Many young people will know me as the Rolce Royce girl or the 1.99 wrap from McDonalds,...

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