1 Welcome  
1.1 All members welcomed and AM mentioned few apologies sent. None
2 Updates  
2.1 Iqra – busy with uni work and the steering group for YoFo. Recently wrote a blog for Public Health England to be published soon. Ran a workshop on racism and discrimination in the NW where people shared experiences.  Starts uni placement on Monday.

Kiran – Been on an eventful trip to London and busy with uni.

Fariss – has done lots of sleeping, GMYA, learned how to kit and has a temporary Christmas job.

Jakob – helps a dance group by doing the lights and sound and attended GMYA today.

Tobi – introduced herself and said a bit about her hobbies, which school she attends and what she is interested in.



3 Question Time  





HM informed the group what exactly the Question Time event is, how it will be ran, what they will be debating on and how they can be involved. The event is on Tuesday 8th November, 18:30 at Matthew Moss Youth Centre and will be hosted by RBYC with MYP chairing the event.  The group discussed the issues arising from the local Make Your Mark results, who else to invite to the event and when to plan it.  The group will meet up at MMYC on Thursday 3rd November, 18:30 to plan and prepare for the event. ALL







4 Greater Manchester Youth Assembly  






Fariss, Tobi and Jakob gave feedback about the day’s meeting and how they discussed the structure of the group, how to elect members as representatives from each constituency and what they will be working on. This will be decided in more detail in the not too distant future.


AM also showed the group the timeline for GMYA, how it will work and depends on funding.   YP keen to attend the next gathering in December where they will be contacting all the Mayoral candidates and discussing how to get them on their side.








5 YouthForia  





Iqra and Jakob explained to new members what YouthForia is and how it works. The next meeting will take place on Saturday 3rd December in Manchester and as well as YP from across the North West, YP from the North East, Scotland and other Northern counties will be attending.


Iqra informed the YP about the innovation lab and how they can run a workshop between them to show what YP have been up to in Rochdale and be proud of their work.   They discussed sharing the Question Time, app and website at the event.  AM will asl MYP for other ideas too.  Tobi, Ismaeel, Iqra, Mel and Jakob are keen to attend.  AM will also check with Amelia, Kiran, Fariss, Lara, Tehzib and Ethan.  MYP has sent apologies for the event.








6 New App  


Jakob explained to the group how he had made the website into an app whilst at GMYA which can now be downloaded onto their phone. He also kindly did this for Trafford and Youth Focus NW.  AM will share the link with YP. ALL




7 Website  
7.1 AM encouraged the YP to input over the next week and explained how this will also update the app automatically as well. The YP have asked if the new apprentice has yet designed the logo – AM will chase this up.  



8 Manifesto Points  
8.1 The group discussed here we were up to on these. Transport has made great progress so far.  For work experience and living wage, e-mails need to be sent out to the head of schools and local businesses to take the next step.  Members agreed this was something the MYP should send for her campaigns, so AM will follow this up with her over the next week or so. AM, TR
9 People Survey  



AM informed the YP about a survey they are encouraged to complete online to have their say in the Greater Manchester Devolution. Due to lack of time at this point in the meeting AM will send the link out to YP to complete online. ALL




10 MYP Elections  
10.1 AM explained where they were up to. Some new members are applying so were given an application pack.  YP who are not applying are still keen to play a part on the interview day and help choose which 6 candidates should go through to the democratic elections. ALL
11 AOB  






You’re Welcome Standards – AM explained what these were and how funding has now been granted. Over the next few months training will be delivered to YP on how to inspect health services for these standards and YP interested will undertake some inspections.  AM will keep them updated.


Mel also updated the group on how her and Tabitha have gone on testing local stores for selling fireworks to YP underage. Sounds an interesting project which other members are interested in being involved in during the future.








12 Next Meeting  
12.1 The next RBYC meeting will take place on Thursday 24th November 18:00 – 20:00 in the Council Chamber at Rochdale Town Hall. ALL